Thanks for the fantastic adventure that I’ve been able to experience thanks to your team.

It was an adventure with a capital “A”. Real Africa for a lover of the unexpected.

Raf Geurts from Genk, Manager Geurts Car Center


I want to thank and congratulate you with your first edition of “Togo Jungle Challenge”.

The ever persistent commitment of both of you gave me more energy than all the Energy drinks. Your laughter and applause at the arrival revitalised me more than any drink. Extraordinarily beautiful MTB tracks and bivouacs. Your experience made me feel safe and in good hands. Everything was well thought-out. I’m very glad I was there and my enthusiasm will be spread. I wish you the very best with the following editions.. See you next time!

Karl Smet from Balen, Manager CooK4U


Fantastic aftertaste!

Stefan Kips from Knokke Heist, Manager ask-architects


My personal thanks to Gert and Elisabeth for this, for me, memorable event. The two most intense weeks of my life.

Wim van Gastel from Essen, Accountant.


Thanks for this wonderful MTB-adventure!

Geert Claes from Mol , Process operator Sibelco


Totally professional! The MTB marathon is not just a sporting challenge, but a truly complete experience. The result of many preparations is an Africa experience in all its aspects: gravel trails, pathways, river crossings, rickety bridges, minuscule villages, Palm trees, teak plantations. Climbing Mount Klotou reminded of “Les Mille Collines”. The 570km in 7 days with an average of 300 altimeters is very do-able. But the tropical heat of up to 40°c gives all this a totally different dimension. Wounds get rapidly infected and there is a constant threat of Diarrhea. Luckily we could count on each other: As relative unknowns, we have been together for more than seven days supporting and helping one another. We have, together, peacefully resolved every problem. Gert and Elisabeth, thanks again for your entrepreneurship and flexibility.  We’ll certainly meet again…

Tom Debusschere from Ardooie ,Deceuninck CEO


It was all worth it! Congratulations to the organisation and employees

Freddy Maris from Genk, TMC manager


After being back in Belgium for 2 cold weeks I effectively realised what we have experienced: Extreme suffering due to the heat, saddle-sore, beautiful nature and ever friendly people who have less but probably are much happier than us!

When people ask me how it was (and that happens hundreds of times) I always tell them that this was the

most intense holiday ever! I truly want to thank you for this wonderful trip!

Tom De Boiserie from Hasselt ,Technician


A great adventure and a wonderful team!

Ronald Goormachtig from Essen, Facility manager at Studio 100


Awesome trip, top organisation! Thanks for this unforgettable experience!

Lennerd Dejongh from Kalmthout, Student


Gert, Elisabeth, and the entire staff of volunteers, it was a challenge for us, but even more for you. Perfection does not exist and adversity is a kind of opportunity. I was very tired but satisfied and a lot of new experiences came into my life: THANKS!!!

Geert Troffaes from Erpe-Mere, Risk and fraud manager KPN Group


100 kilometers of cycling in the jungle of Togo is not comparable with cycling the same distances in Belgium.

Some days we had to overcome 2000 altimeters, temperatures up to 45 degrees and extremely high humidity. All this combined with insomnia makes things more difficult than you could ever imagine. But all in all everything turned out even better than expected. It was a unique experience. Especially getting to know the cultural differences. The people there have little or nothing, but they’re really happy. The local people are very friendly and the joy in the children is captivating.

Toon Beckers from Bilzen, IT specialist


To the organisation and staff, thanks for the hard work, it was fantastic!

Pieter Callant from Knokke, restaurant manager


Thank you for this nice trip. It was a wonderful adventure with its ups and downs for everyone (illness and exhaustion) but overall it was an incredible experience that we will be talking about for at least another 10 years. Keep up with your organisation because it is really unique.

Davy Volders from Tessenderlo, Inspector


Priceless! Thx for the memorable adventure!

Koen Dries from Meerhout, CEO Multimedi


You made it possible for me to be a part of an adventure of a lifetime and opened my eyes to the wonders of Africa! Your organisation and the challenges you help people experience changes lives and highlights just how amazing people can be! Thank you and keep up the good work…

Kell McLean from Baal, secretary