Your MTB

Good material is essential to this challenge. Make sure you are familiar with your equipment and supplements before you start the Togo Jungle Challenge

Provide a well-prepared and well-controlled mountain bike.
Get an expert to check your tyres, wheel set and the wear parts such as chain and gears and your brake pads.
Batteries for your computer and heart rate computer should be new because the cycling tracks are often rough and rocky, you should use a sturdy bike which can withstand it all.

• A good front suspension is recommended, especially if you want to avoid back problems.
• A bike with full suspension will benefit you most and offer a smoother ride.
• The front tyres should have knobs set more or less parallel to the direction of travel, for improved lateral grip and better steering control. The rear tyres should have transverse knobs for driving/braking traction. Some mountain-bike tyres come in matched sets, with different tread front/rear.
• Recommendation: Continental Race King 2.25.
• If you use tubeless tyres you will have better grip, control and shock absorption and less rolling resistance.
• Make sure that you fit on the bike correctly.
• Don’t necessarily choose lightweight, choose reliability.



What to bring:

• A derailleur hanger (path)
• Spokes for special wheels
• Tubeless valves
• Latex for tubeless tyres
• Chamois cream
• Cleats for your clip less pedals
• Brake pads
• Spare parts for your disc brakes (eg disc brake hose)
• Bike lock
• 4 litres of liquid carrying capacity (hydration pack/water bottles)
• Multi-tool/bike repair tools
• 4 x cycling outfits (at least 4 sets recommended)
• Hydration pack and seat bags

IMPORTANT: Each rider must wear a helmet at all times while riding during the Togo Jungle Challenge!