Revenues for SOS Children’s Villages of last year are actually getting shape!

September 9, 2014

We like to give you an update on the construction of the health post in Tanikagou where last year’s donations were used for.

SOS Togo finally got the approval of the Togolese Ministry of Health for the construction of the medical post. This approval is required so that SOS is 100% certain that it will effectively be built and run by the government. This form of cooperation is the most durable and the most necessary.

On August 8 a call happened to construction companies to send their specification / costs.

End of August the ​​choice will be made, so the construction can be started as from September 2014 on.

As from November on the revenue of last year will really get form.


We therefore would like to thank again all our participants of last year’s event.

Epecially to Leon Waltmans, Family Derks and Wally Dumont. Together they gathered  more than one quarter of the total amount that was raised that year.

Also this year, the fundraising for  Sos Children’s village’s is a big success. Togheter we already raised more than € 25,000. Fundraising is open until October 31, 2014.